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TestSimulator let you prepare well before the real exam in the test center.

Realistic questions

You will have questions closed to those questions in your real exam. There is no simple true or false question in the actual exam. They are tricky, difficult and in vary formats. There are also a few questions beyond the objectives. Try TestSimulator, you won't have any difficult questions you haven't seen before in the test center.


Accurate, detail explanations for each answers

You got the answer incorrect. Do you know why? The source of the questions is not only a single book, but also from many different reliable technical materials, official documents. TestSimulator gives you a chance to pinpoint your weakness and shows you the direction to learn by mistake.


Cover and beyond all exam objectives

You bet you finished a study guide and you could pass the actual exam? TestSimulator will prove you are wrong before you made the mistake in the actual exam. No any study guides covers all the objectives in depth equally. In the actual exam, you might miss many questions because you picked the wrong study guide. Any topics related is possible in actual exam.

Interactive questions simulations

Any question format beyond multiple choice, multiple select, fill in the bank and, true or false are considered as interactive questions. Drag and drop is the most difficult format beyond others. There are so many possible answers. If you miss one of them, you miss the whole question. You try the D&D question in TestSimulator, you should not be afraid of D&D questions in the actual exam.

Practice test interface

If you are going to sit for exam the first time, you will wonder what the actual environment will be. The actual exam is time-critical. You don't want to spend much time to get used to the testing software. TestSimulator has the similar interface as the actual exam. You will be familiar with the actual exam in the test center.




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