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Known Problems

The following is a list of some known problems with x Chat, we are working to correct them for the next release.

Note: Before you install new version, please remove the old version. Or, the original files will not be overridden. x Chat always should need to use same version of xchat.ini.

Version 2.7


    Cannot connect to older version of x Chat.


    x Chat 2.7 has changed the port setting from 100 to 2500 by default.


    You should change the setting to match with old x Chat's port address.

Version 2.5


    After the connection is established, the program crashes.


    If you did not download from x Chat website, there is a problem with that package. A file rec.gif is missing in the package.


    Re-download the whole package from this website. (Recommended)

or Copy rec.gif to x:\Program Files\x Chat\ folder. (x is the drive where you install. e.g. C:)

Please see FAQ, ISSUE.TXT or VERSION.TXT in your x Chat folder for other known issues.

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